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Where Do The Sales Come From?

Where do the sales come from? Well, I just love that question. Everyone is modeling themselves after successes, why not take a look at the big boys? Here we have Walmart and Best Buy, data from SimilarWeb.com. Notice how much sales actually come from social media? It’s next to nothing. Notice that their direct sales or people that go to Walmart on their own, do not outweigh their online sales by search? That’s huge to me. Two companies that everyone knows their name are both getting more sales from web searches than walk-ins? I can’t wrap my mind around it. Small businesses struggle to get a social media fan base and use blogging or boost posts just to try and get some traffic? When that’s not even where the big boys are getting their sales. Being seen on the internet when people search is crucial. It appears social media is not generating the same numbers. With that being said, skipping your website and SEO to do some internet marketing yourself is ambitious but perhaps futile or damaging. Although many pay for SEO and think they are at the top with no phone calls or emails can be frustrating as well. Realizing that Google searches show the businesses closest to you first and that is not your true ranking is a eureka moment. Many do not realize this. Utilizing analytics and trying different searches or if you have to, taking a second look at your product or service content are also good suggestions. From looking at the numbers, good SEO and great content are still the best way to sell on the web. Thank you for reading and please leave a message. We appreciate your input.   walmart bestbuy

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