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Affordable SEO Houston , SEO done differently with no high monthly fees! One time setup fee and changes upon

customer request. DIY SEO Class 713-376-5560

Basic SEO with no monthly fees! DIY SEO Class – WordPress Website Class


Tired of being drained for monthly fees and not getting results? Say goodbye to being taken for a ride with Affordable SEO Houston. Not everyone needs a full blown SEO package as if they were a huge company. If search engine results are what you’re looking for, we can do that for you a whole lot cheaper than $500 per month or week even! Intial setup fee of $399 and $149 changes upon request is all we ask for SEO and not $6000 per year. Big SEO companies claim that it’s necessary for all the extra professional work required to perform SEO properly and all the cheap SEO companies use “white hat” tactics. That is called an excuse for taking more of your money. We want to train our customers and let them take more control of their campaign if they wish. There’s just no reason for the prices in the industry. It’s obvious what you’re paying for and it’s not SEO. We offer a Basic SEO class for $499. In two days you will have a firm understanding of SEO and more control over yours. Your website on the front page of Google within the week and driving traffic to your site with internet marketing and social media are also projects to consider. Affordable SEO Houston will perform projects for a one time fee that fit your internet marketing plan or needs at a fair price. We will make your SEO experience a lot easier and less expensive here at Affordable SEO Houston. That’s a promise. -John Carter Stinson



I have worked in the IT industry at a family business for 27 years. I’ve been forced to have a vested interest in the business early in my career. I am a DIY champ at small business, everthing IT and I love the DIY people. Come to my class, you will not be disappointed.

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