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Affordable SEO Houston , SEO done differently with no high monthly fees! One time setup fee and changes upon customer request. DIY SEO Class also available.


     Every big agency charges high monthly fees and the results come slowly so you keep paying. They also claim the cheaper agencies are using “white hat” tactics to get your seo done so quickly. If any of you have been in business, you can see where I’m headed with this. You’re paying a lot and it’s not for SEO. If they have a building, a parking garage and 3 million dollars in cars in that parking garage, that is what you’re paying for. I have been in small family business all my life giving me a vested interest in the company early on. I did everything myself and I figured out SEO, website creation, av installation, server building and installation because we needed it and couldn’t afford to outsource at those ridiculously absurd prices. So I am the DIY small business master and I love helping people learn to help themselves.

In addition to the Affordable SEO prices with no monthly fees and small business WordPress website creation, we offer DIY classes to those that can’t afford to pay high monthly fees either. Or you just want to take control of your online presence, SEO and Internet Marketing and I love you people. You are the dreamers living the dream. I’m here to offer you a two day SEO class that will give you a firm understanding of SEO and more control over yours. There are a number of components that must be utilized in concert to achieve your SEO results. Without someone to show you, it can easily escape you. All of my websites score #1 on Google for multiple searches. Within the week, you will be on the front page of Google and starting to think about internet marketing.

If you don’t have a website, no problem! Affordable SEO Houston can create a WordPress website for you. Or my personal favorite, I can teach you how to use WordPress and you create your website in a 3 day DIY class offered right here by yours truly. You will be learning to use the Divi Builder, edit server files such as php files and htaccess. And that’s right, the SEO is included in the DIY Website Class. Again, within the week, you will have a website and that website will be scoring well on Google, at least one search on the front page. And you will be again taking a look at internet marketing.

Internet Marketing can be complicated as well. Just creating press releases and blogs do not achieve your goal. Creating an internet marketing plan that makes sense for your business and budget makes sense. Then using it to your advantage is key. Affordable SEO Houston loves not having monthly fees for their customers and provides SEO Projects on customer request. Prices vary for scale of project.

In closing, if you’re looking for an experienced IT Veteran that is self taught and will work extremely hard for your business and on your business, then look no further. I’m a family man and professional. I created this company to help people with the same problems I faced for years. Give me a call or email, you will not be disappointed. Your success, is my success!


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